How to integrate with Geidea device

  • Geidea `Spectra T1000` (provided by Geidea)
  • Cable 1: RJ11 to Serial cable (provided by Geidea)
  • Cable 2: Serial to USB cable (provided by foodics)
  • Airconsole (provided by foodics)

Cable Connections:

- Connect the RJ11 end from cable 1 to COM1 in Geidea machine.
- Connect the two serial ends of cable 1 and cable 2.
- Connect the USB end from cable 2 to the USB port in Airconsole.


- Airconsole is powered through the provided USB cable. The cable should be connected to power outlet to turn on Airconsole.

Wireless Connection:

Airconsole converts from serial to WiFi. It enables connecting the Geidea machine to iPad running foodics cashier. It can be used as a router with its own WiFi network and can connect to other WiFi networks.
Airconsole default network SSID: `Airconsole-XX` where XX is two random characters.
Default WiFi password: 12345678
Default ip address:
Default user name: admin
Default password: admin

- Login to Airconsole network.
- Go to Wireless -> Basic.
- Change SSID to Foodics.
- Go to Wireless -> Security.
- Change Pass Phrase to: Foodics@2017
- Go to Wireless -> AP Client.
- Check Enable Wireless Client Mode.
- From the bottom, select the network the iPad is connected to.
- Enter the password in Pass Phrase field.
- Assign a static ip for Airconsole.
- Click Apply.

Adding the device in cashier:

- Open Cashier.
- Go to Home -> Devices -> + (add) -> Geidea
- Enter a name and the static ip provided to Airconsole.
- Tap Save.

Checking connection from cashier:

- Go to Home -> Devices.
- On the Geidea row, tap Ping.
- If ping succeeds, a status message will be displayed at the bottom. Otherwise an error popup is shown.

Assigning payment methods to Geidea:

- Go to Home -> Devices.
- On the Geidea row, tap Methods.
- A list of methods will appear. Select the ones that should be processed in the Geidea machine.

When performing payments, if a method that is assigned to Geidea is selected, cashier will automatically start a transaction on the Geidea machine with the specified amount.

- Note only methods of type `Card` can be assigned to Geidea.

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