Branches Timely Sales

Shows the sales of each branch in a time interval.


  • Date: Business date range to cover in the report.
  • Time Unit: Is the particular time interval to present branch sales of products and modifier options. Hourly will show sales per hours, whereas daily will show sales per days.
  • Type: Type of sales presentation either by sales or counts (number of sales), or number of guests, sales will show the value of sold products and modifer options, whereas counts will show the number of done orders, and guests will show the number of persons.
  • Order Type: The type of the closed order.


  • Branch: Branch name.
  • Reference: Branch reference.
  • Total: Sums up the total amount of sales (if type filter is set to sales), or count (if type filter is set to count), or guests (if type filter is set to guests).
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