Branches Sales

Shows the sales of each branch.


  • Date: Business date range to cover in the report.
  • Order Type: The type of the taken orders (dinein, Takeaway, Pickup...)


  • Name: The name of the branch.
  • Reference: The branch reference.
  • Guests: Shows the number of people who were assigned to orders (set persons) in each branch (orders which don’t get assigned people manually, will have 1 person by default).
  • Count: The number of orders in each branch which were uploaded successfully to dashboard.
  • Sales: The value of sold products and modifiers in each branch. It is calculated by sum of: product quantity * (product original prices + modifier options' original price * modifier option quantity) for each done order product.
  • Net Income: The sum of money received in the branch. It is calculated by sum of payment methods amounts.
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