Categories Sales

Shows the sales grouped by category. The displayed values include products' quantities and prices without modifiers.


  • Date: Business date range to cover in the report.
  • Branches: Branch/branches where the orders are closed.
  • Agent: User who created the order from dashboard.
  • Cashier: User who closed the order.
  • Waiter: User who created the order from waiter device.
  • Device: The device name of which the orders were closed.
  • Tag: The cashier tags that get assigned to particular orders for tracking purposes.


  • SKU: Category SKU.
  • Name: Category name.
  • Count: The number of sold products in the category. It equals the sum of quantities at order closing time.
  • Sales: The value of sold products in the category based on the selling price set in the dashboard. Its value is calculated before discounts, taxes and other price modifiers.
  • Cost: Cost is the sum of sold products cost in the category. It is calculated when the order is uploaded to dashboard based on the defined costing method.
  • Profit: The difference between sales and cost.
  • Average: The average selling price for products in the category. It equals sales divided by count.
  • Net Sales: Sales after subtracting returned products.
  • Net Count: Count after subtracting returned menu items.
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