Branches are the entities that fall under one business, and independently represent sales.


  • Name: Branch name.
  • Reference: Branch reference.
  • Business: The business name the branch falls under.
  • City: Branch location.
  • Latest Sync: Last time the Cashier app was synced.
  • Online Order Receiver: The device name that has "receive online orders" enabled.

Editing branch information can be done by pressing on the option button the corresponds to each branch which will result in displaying three sections:


  • Name (en): Branch name in English.
  • Name (ar): Branch name in Arabic.
  • Latitude: (Optional).
  • Longitude: (Optional).
  • Open from: Opening time.
  • Open Till: Closing time.
  • Phone: Branch phone number.
  • Delivery Zones: The zones the branch covers or delivers to.
  • Taxes: The assigned tax name.
  • Pickup Promised Time: The expected period to pickup an order (Optional).
  • Delivery Promised Time: The expected period to deliver a delivery order (Optional).
  • Service Fees: Service fee percentage. 
  • Online orders available: If checked, online orders can be sent to the branch.
  • Disabled Order Types: Disable certain order types at this branch. Ex. take-away only branches have all other types disabled.



Add any special header and footer for the branch here.

Danger Zone

Delete branch orders: You can use this if you have up to 100 orders. If you have more than 100 orders,  contact our support team to have the orders deleted.

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