Modifiers are the additional priced/unpriced items that can be added to the products (ketchup, mayonnaise...etc).  


  • Name: Modifier name.
  • SKU: Modifier Stock keeping unit.
  • Options: Quantity of options each modifier has.


  • Name: The modifier name.
  • SKU: The modifier stock keeping unit.
  • Barcode: The modifier barcode.
  • Multiple selection: Filters the modifiers that have "Is multiple" option on.

Creating a modifier can be done from Menu -> Modifiers-> Add new which will result in displaying:

Basic Data

  • Name (en): The modifier name in English.
  • Name (ar): The modifier name in Arabic.
  • SKU (optional): The modifier stock keeping unit.
  • Barcode: If you have a barcode scanner use it to scan the modifier’s barcode here.
  • Is Multiple: If checked, more than one option can be selected in each modifier.


  • Name (en): The option name in English.
  • Name (ar): The option name in Arabic.
  • SKU: Options stock keeping unit.
  • Price: Modifier option price (will be added to product price).
  • Cost: If fixed the system will depend on this field, otherwise the average cost will be taken based on the transactions if the modifier option is linked to an inventory item.

For example, if the modifier is Pizza Toppings, there will be options under toppings like: Pepperoni ($ price), Mushroom ($ Price), Extra Olives ($ price), etc.

*Special Prices: To customize a modifier option price in a particular branch, after adding options, press the modifier option edit icon -> Add Special Price-> Select a branch -> Add the customized price -> Press on Add.

Click “Save Modifier” to create the modifier.

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