Business Settings

The changes that will appear on the business level. 


  • Tax inclusive pricing?: If checked, the prices (products prices, modifiers prices, delivery prices discounts) will have the tax amount included.
  • Delivery Price: A fixed delivery price that can be downloaded in cashier and set whenever the cashier chooses delivery order.


  • Receipt Logo (Max Size: 576 x 218): Use a black and white image for best results on the receipt.
  • Waiter App: (Preferred Image size: 2048 x 1536)
  • Display App: (Preferred Image size: 2048 x 1536)


This is where the user decides what is printed on the receipt from your cash register printer. Anything typed in the footer or header will be shown in all branches. The user can choose from one of the placeholders below, or manually specify the text to be printed on the header and the footer.


  • Receipt Placeholders: {business_name}, {branch_name}, {branch_phone}, {branch_reference}, {branch_header}, {branch_footer}


Danger Zone

  • Delete Company Inventory Transactions: Use this for up to 100 transactions. If there are more than 100 transactions, you must contact our support team to have the transactions deleted.
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