Taxes are mandatory financial charges imposed by the government.


  • Name: Tax name.
  • Amount: Tax amount.

To add a new tax, click “Add New” and add:

  • Name (en): Tax name in English
  • Name (ar): Tax name in Arabic
  • Amount: Tax amount (always in percentage).

*Edit or delete a tax from the main Taxes page by clicking the blue edit button or the red delete button.

Tax Inclusive VS Tax Exclusive: 

-Tax inclusive will make the tax included in the products prices, example:
If total price of an order is priced at 105 (including tax, tax amount is 5%), the product subtotal will be 100 (105 * 100/105) and the tax amount is 5(105-100) .

-Tax exclusive will make the tax excluded from the products prices, example:
If the price is 100 and tax amount is 5%, the total price will be 105.

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