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Foodics Cashier

Foodics Cashier is the component that handles the operations in the store. Its simple interface enables managing orders, tables and employee attendance. It gives the ability to connect to other Foodics components (KDS, Menu, Notifier and Customer Display) as well as other devices (Printer, Barcode Scanner and Scale).

In this document, we’ll go through the different functions of the app and how to use them. So open up your Cashier app and follow along.


Once you open the app, you’ll be greeted with a list of cashier users. Cashiers are added from the dashboard page on the “Employees” tab.  Tap the cashier’s name and enter the login password to gain access to the app.





This takes you back to the main page which has all the settings, clocking in and out, etc.


To make a new order, select “New” then select the items from the menu to be added to the order.

Selecting an item is easy, just find its category, tap it, select the item and  how many you want to add. Now it’s been added to the order.

To delete an item from the order, swipe it to the left and select “Void”.

To pay for the order, tap the price below, and select a payment method.




Orders - Calendar - Tables:

When you tap on “Orders”, you’ll see a list of all the orders you’ve created. You can search for orders by their number or you can filter them by using the various available filters.





Order Status

Select pending, active, void, done or all.

Order Type

Select Dine in, Takeaway, Delivery, Pickup, Drive Through or All.

Order Source

Use if you want to filter orders made by a specific cashier, waiter, call center or customer.


Use if you want to select orders made by a certain cashier.


Use if you want to select orders made by a certain waiter.


Use if you want to select orders assigned to a certain driver.

Business Date

The date the order was made.

Due date

The date the order is for..

Pre- Orders

Choose whether you want pre-orders to appear in the search results or not.



Once you add items to the order payment can be made. If needed, orders can be customized by clicking “Options” prior to payment.



Set People

The number of people at the table.

Set Due Time

The time the order is due.

Add Notes

Any notes you’d like to add to the order.

Assign Table

Assign a table to the order. Green tables are free, Red tables are occupied.

Assign Call Name

Call the customer once their order is ready.

Assign Customer

Assign the customer who made the order. You can add a new customer or select an existing one.

Clear Customer

Clear customer name from the order.

Assign Tags

Assign a tag to the order like “Employee meal”.

Join Order

Combine an order with the current order. Select an active order.

Split Order

Split the order so that people can pay separately.

Void Order

Cancel and delete the order.

Add Discount

Add a discount to the order. Select a price, a percent or a preset discount. This may vary depending on the cashier’s authorities.

Print check

This will print the check before paying the bill.

Set Delivery Price

This will appear for delivery-type orders. You can enter a price for delivery to be added to the bill.

Set Delivery Address

After you select a customer, you can set a delivery address.

Assign Driver

Assign a driver who will deliver the order.


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