Notifier - Overview

Foodics Notifier is the component that displays an order’s status in a simple way. Whenever there is a change of status in an order, it is reflected in the Notifier. Its display can be mirrored on a big screen to enable customers to track their orders.

The order number is displayed in red when it’s still in the kitchen.

Tap the order number when it’s ready and the color will change to green signaling to the customer that their order is ready.

When the customer receives their order, tap the order number again to remove it from the display screen.



Tapping on the “Manage” button will take you to the management screen where you can configure and do a check on your device.


Here you’ll see the Cashier App the Notifier is connected to. It will show you its online/offline status. Ping is used to connect to the cashier to make sure the connection is working properly.


This is for troubleshooting purposes. You can tap on “Send Diagnostics” to send us logs of the waiter app. No personal info will be collected.

You’ll see your Internet Status, IP Address, Business Name, Branch Name, Device Name, App Version and System Version.

You can tap on “Download Data” to get the latest data from your dashboard and cashier.


Here you can change the Notifier’s settings:

Show wait time

Show order preparation time on the notifier screen.

Initial wait time

Add a fixed initial wait time to the order’s wait time.

Reset wait time

Resets the wait time for the orders and starts fresh.



This will exit the management screen and direct you back to the app.


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