KDS - Overview

Foodics KDS is the component responsible for tracking orders in the kitchen. It provides a view of the current status of orders with the ability to mark them as complete. It also highlights and records delays to monitor performance.

In this document, we’ll address the different functions of the app and how to use them. So open up your KDS app and follow along.

Main Page

When the orders are sent from the cash register to the kitchen, the KDS notifies the kitchen and the new orders show up on the main page.


New orders are displayed as green. If the order is changed, it will change to blue. If the order is cancelled, it changes to yellow.

In the kitchen, when the chef starts making the items in the order, they can double tap the product and it will be moved the bottom of the order so they know which items are ready and which still need to be made. After all the items in the order are complete, they can tap “Bump” to finish the order and the waiter will take it from there.

If you have more than 4 orders in the queue, you’ll see a button on the top right that says “Next” which allows you to see the rest of the orders and then the “Previous” button will show up to take you back to the top of the queue.

On the top left you have three buttons: Manage, History and Summary.


Tapping the “History” button displays a list of all the finished orders for the day. Select an order and tap on “Recall” to recall it if you want to edit or check something. You can dismiss the order once you’re done checking.


The “Summary” page will show you order status and order types currently in the queue. This will not show you the completed orders (they show up in the History view).


Tapping on the “Manage” button will take you to the management screen where you can configure your device and troubleshoot problems.


Here you’ll see the Cashier App the KDS is connected to. It will show you its online/offline status. Ping is used to connect to the Cashier to make sure the connection is working properly.


This is for troubleshooting purposes. You can tap on “Send Diagnostics” to send us logs of the waiter app. No personal info will be collected.

You’ll see your Internet Status, IP Address, Business Name, Branch Name, Device Name, App Version and System Version.


Here you can change the App’s display language.


This will exit the management screen and direct you back to the app.

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