Waiter - Overview

Foodics Waiter App is the component that handles making orders in the restaurant or cafe. It enables waiters and customers to place orders and send them to Foodics Cashier App seamlessly.

In this document, we’ll go through the different functions of the app and how to use them. So open up your Waiter app and follow along.


Once you open the app, you’ll be greeted with a list of waiter users (Waiters can be added from the dashboard page, on the “Employees” tab).  Tap your waiter name and enter your password to have access.

Main Page

On this page you’ll see all your floors, and the floors’ tables. To add a dine-in order, select a table and enter the number of people at the table. If you’d like to add a takeaway order, select “Takeaway” in the top right-hand corner and add the menu items.


Next you’ll see your menu on the bottom, in your selected language. You can scroll through the menu and select the menu items.

Tap “Language” in the top left-hand corner to switch between languages seamlessly.

To add to the order, select an item and tap “Add to order” or “Customize” to customize the order or set a quantity.


You’ll find the total amount due in the top right corner. Tap it to see the order details, delete or edit an item from the order, add notes to the order, or add customer info. Once you’re finished adding your order details, tap “Send Order to Cashier” for the order to be sent to the cashier for approval or automatically to the kitchen depending on your configuration.



To access the waiter app settings, there’s a hidden button on the language selection page.


Tap on “Takeaway” or a table and when the language selection page appears, tap on the top left section of the screen and you’ll get an “Access Permission” page asking you to enter your login information. Once you do that you’ll be on the settings page which has 5 sections.


This is for troubleshooting purposes, you can tap on “Send Diagnostics” to send us logs of the waiter app. No personal info will be collected.

You’ll see your Internet Status, IP Address, Business Name, Branch Name, Device Name, Reference Number, App Version and System Version.



Here you’ll see the Cashier App the waiter is connected to. It will show you its online/offline status. Ping is used to connect to the Cashier to make sure the connection is working.


This will show you the last time data was downloaded to this waiter device. Tap on download data to get the updated data.


Here you have access to more settings:



Select your country.

Send Order Requires Waiter Approval

Will ask for a login password before sending the order to the Cashier App.

Enabled Waiters

Choose which waiters have access to this device.

Enable Adding to Orders Opened by Other Waiters

Will allow access to tables managed by other waiters and allow adding to their orders.

Static Table

Allows you to specify a certain number of tables for a waiter.

Enabled Tables

Allows you to enable or disable tables from showing on the waiter app.

Auto Download Data

Will automatically download data at a given time.



This will log the user out of the settings page and the waiter app.

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